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Artist: Felix Fournery, French (1869-1942)

Item: RP.09

Title: Cycles de Dion-Bouton
Description: Condition A
Original vintage poster, backed on Linen
Printed by J. Barreau, Paris, 1925.
Size: 29 in x 45 1/2 in
  74 x 115.5 cm
Terms of Sale
Price: SOLD

"A lot of credence has been given to the theory that the bicycle contributed in large part to the suffrage movement of the late 19th/early-20th centuries, and this supposition carries a great deal of voracity. However, sometimes a little style, a touch of breezy elegance goes a long way towards convincing a different demographic, one say, not quite so concerned with being liberated, to get their backsides on a bicycle. Case in point, this poster for Dion-Bouton, graced with a woman as sporty as the spaniel that accompanies her, posed atop a verdant seaside cliff for no one in particular. Or perhaps for someone very specific indeed: the male viewer apt to make a purchase for his soon-to-be-domestically-unchained better half" (Rennert, PAI-XXXV 118)

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