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Artist: Georges Meunier French (1869-1942)

Item: RP.01

Title: A La Place Clichy/ Etrennes
Description: Condition A
Original vintage poster, backed on Linen
Printed by Imprimerie Chaix, Paris, 1895.
Size: 34 in x 48 1/2 in
Terms of Sale
Price: Sold

"Meunier used this theme of a girl and a harlequin on a hobby horse for this store the previous year. The concept was so successful that he trotted them out again, keeping the main idea intact while adding greater detail to the woman's dress according to the newest dictates of fashion and including a couple of exotic toys and dolls at bottom. It remains one of the happiest posters for a store sale, shouting it's message in bright, joyful colours" (Rennert, PAI-XXXVII 509)

"Meunier, a beaux Arts-trained painter and decorative artist, also designed 56 known posters that are much in the manner of Cheret, not surprising since he worked at the master's Chaix printing plant, started in 1894"(Rennert, PAI-XXII 414)

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