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Artist: Pablo Picasso Spanish (1881-1973)

Plate: MR.06

Title: Affiches Originales (Original Posters)

Description: Condition A
Original lithograph, backed on linen
Printed by Mourlot in Paris 1959.
Signed and dated in the stone.
Limited printing of 1000.
Ref: Czwiklitzer, Picasso no. 35;
Mourlot, Picasso Lithographe, Vol. IV, No. 323; Bloch, Picasso, No.1285

Sheet Size: 19 1/2 in x 27 in
  49.5 cm x 68.5 cm
Terms of Sale
Price: $1650.00 USD
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Advertising an exhibition of "Original Posters of the school of Paris" at the Maison de La Pensee Francais in Paris 1959. Using only three colours, Picasso creates a whimsical design in which the lettering is an integral part of the composition. The artwork appears freshly rendered by the artist. "One of the aspects of Picasso's genius, be it posters or paintings, that is alltogether awesome is his ability to create permanence and vitality from a few, relatively-harried, series of brushstrokes, evoking whatever he chooses with the facility of doodling" (Rennert, PAI-XXXII, 471)

"Picasso became a successful poster artist... with his intuition of genius and the virtuosity which accompanied his artistic production, he began to produce posters of great originality, some of them true masterpieces...
Picasso's posters were mainly aimed at exhibitions and political themes. They are characterized by the frugal colouring and the simple, schematic style of drawing. Their conception was imaginative, full of good humour, and with a personal touch that marks them as his own" (Picasso p.22)

During the 1950s the renowned French printer, Mourlot Freres, printed most of the "original" posters of the most important artists of the day. Including Picasso, Chagall, Braque, Matisse, Miro, Leger, and Dufy.

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