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Artists: Chris Yaneff R.C.A., Canadian
Manfred Gotthans R.C.A., Canadian

Item: CY.03

Title: "Oro Makedonsko"
Description: Condition A
Original poster, limited printing of 250,
Signed by Chris Yaneff
Printed in Toronto, 1984.
Size: 20 in x 27 in
  51 cm x 68.5 cm
Terms of Sale
Price: $125.00 USD

The traditional costumes and dance of this vibrant ancient culture is captured in this poster advertising a festival of music and dance from Macedonia. Performers from around the world came to perform for one night in Toronto in 1984, to celebrate all things Macedonian.

Done in bold woodcut style, similar to the posters Beggarstaff.

The poster was designed by the graphic designers Chris Yaneff and Manfred Gotthans
of the firm Chris Yaneff Ltd.

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