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Book title: Cappiello
The Posters of Leonetto Cappiello

Author: Jack Rennert
Item code: Book. 02
Description: 534 color poster illustrations, Hardcover; text in English. 336 pages
Shipped UPS ($10 within US)
Book Size:10.25 in x 13.25in
Price: $80.00 USD

The essential "Cappiello" book. A gorgeous insight into the world of Cappiello, extensively researched and beautifully illustrated" Greg Yaneff

Leonetto Cappiello is known as the Father of the Modern Poster. Combining Chéret's joyful exuberance, Toulouse-Lautrec's technique of simplified lines and flat colors, and his own background as a caricaturist, he had an original approach to using posters as eye-catching advertising tools. Cappiello's engaging posters shock, surprise, and move today's viewers as much as they did his contemporaries. As a result, his posters are still among the world's most popular.

This is the largest, most authoritative collection of Cappiello's work ever presented. Many of the 534 full-color poster illustrations have never been seen before. Detailed appraisals and annotations, as well as biographical information and insights into Cappiello's graphic methods, accompany each poster. Also included are fifty additional color pictures that demonstrate the many other outlets of Cappiello's talents--book and magazine illustrations, paintings, maquettes, and postcards. Particularly notable are his superb early caricatures. Today, more homes are decorated with Cappiello's posters than any other single poster artist in the world. Cappiello will show you why his posters remain so celebrated.

RicordiJack Rennert The Author,
has been dealing in posters for over forty years During this time he has written a dozen monographs, arranged museum tours, given lectures, and done television guest spots on the topic of poster art. Rennert also established two successful companies: Posters Please, Inc. and Poster Auctions International. At Poster Auctions International, the world's first company to specialize exclusively in poster auctions, he became the first specialized poster auctioneer. Mr. Rennert is the author of over twenty books on both vintage and modern posters.

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