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Artist: Alphonse Mucha Czech (1860-1939)

Plate: P1900

Title: Paris 1900
Description: Condition A+
Original colour stone lithograph
Printed by S. Czeiger, Vienna, 1899.
Backed on linen.

Reference: Rennert/Weill 66, Wiener Plakat 90, Lendl p. 147, Brno 46, Mucha Grand Palais 159, Darmstadt 137, Mucha / Henderson 91, Mucha / Bridges A45, Triumph des Jugendstils 41, DFP-II 649.

Certificate of Authenticity.
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Poster Size: 27 1/2 in x 39 3/4 in
  70 cm x 101 cm

Price: Sold

"This is truly the most magnificent Poster I have ever offered for sale in outstanding condition. The stunning Gold ink highlights used throughout are unequalled." Greg

"This image is virtually unique among Mucha's work
as it does not display a woman posing on her own, but a young ephebe unveiling a generously proportioned lady. It surpasses Mucha's normal, passively evocative images and borders on the overtly suggestive and sexual. Contemporary publicity explained the image as "Paris revealing Austria to the world" a marvelous revelation indeed, superbly drawn by Mucha and bathed in a palette of soft, warm earth tones.

The right side of the poster was designed by the architect, G. Rossman, and depicts architectural renderings of Austria's various buildings at the Paris World's Fair of 1900.

When the poster originally appeared, many collectors cut the piece in two and kept only the half designed by Mucha." (Swann)

The Cut version sold for $8,125 US
Swann Auctions, N.Y. Jan 26, 2017.
Sale 2435 Lot 99

1900 World Fair Paris, The Austrian pavilion

"The poster has the text AUSTRIA AT THE WORLD'S FAIR/PARIS 1900 in German, and therefore meant to advertise the Fair in Austria itself; the blank panel at the bottom right presumably was supposed to be filled with pertinent information about travel to the Exhibition from the locality where the poster would be used - it was commissioned by the Ministry of Railroads that commissioned and paid for the poster." (Rennert/Weill 66)

Mucha. The father of Art Nouveau

"As the most famous and respected commercial artist of the Austro-Hungarian Empire living in Paris at the time the 1900 World's Fair was planned, Mucha was asked by a government representative sent from Vienna to prepare not only this poster but to also design the interior decor for one of the several pavilions to be used by Austria." (Rennert/Weill 66)

Austrian Pavilion at the Paris Exhibition 1900:
interior view with Mucha's wall paintings 

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