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Greg's Latest Acquisitions
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Greg's featured Posters

Cavour Cigars
Georges Meunier (French 1869-1942)
From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche" PL.7 printed 1896


"Meunier, a beaux Arts-trained painter and decorative artist,
also designed 56 known posters that are much in the manner of Cheret,
not surpising since he worked at the master,s Chaix printing plant, started in 1894. 
Cheret-like in conception if not in execution, this vertical design for a Swiss cigarmaker's exports to Australia presents
"the new woman"full of feminine charm, yet daring to smoke a cigar"

Le Sillon
Fernand Toussaint (Belgian 1873-1955)
From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche" PL.80 printed 1897


"This magnificent poster, an artistic and lithographic tour de force, was Toussaint's first.
It publicizes the magazine of 'Le Sillon' one of many artists' groups that bred in rich cultural ferment of 1890s Brussels.
'Sillon' means furrow, to make one's own way in the world, which was the aim of this group."

Orient Express Collection (8 posters)
Original full size posters by Pièrre Fix-Masseau (1905-1994)
Each 24 1/2 x 39 in. A Condition

View Orient Express Collection (8 posters)

Alphonse Mucha (Czech 1860-1939) The most beautiful Art Nouveau designs ever created.
View Greg's Mucha Collection

Greg's featured Mucha's

Dame aux Camelias
From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche" PL.144 printed 1898
Just Sold To Request

"This is perhaps Mucha's most beautiful poster.
"Alexander Dumas Jr.'s drama…had been very popular since its premier in 1852.
Sarah Bernhardt considered it to be the key drama in her repertoire. 
The story of the tragic love of the great courtesan is portrayed in the poster with shocking impact. 

Salon des Cent

From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.94 printed 1897

From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.27 printed 1898

From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.114 printed 1898

From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.08 printed 1897
$3800.00 Rare

Jules Cheret(French 1836-1932) The Father of the Poster
View Greg's Cheret Collection

Greg's featured Cheret's
The brilliant classic set of four Theatre de l'Opera.
"Like virtually all of the posters Cheret did for the dances at this theatre,
the design features a profiled woman in a billowing dress looking out over
her shoulder as a shadowy male figure and other revellers dance around her.
Cheret would do a single design each winter and it would be repeated
with varying text throughout the season." (Rennert, PAI-XXXI 393)

Theatre de l'Opera
From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.9 printed 1896, Set of four
$495.00 each

Theatre de l'Opera
From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.57 printed 1897. Set of four

Theatre de l'Opera
From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.105 printed 1898. Set of four

Theatre de l'Opera
From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.149 printed 1899. Set of four
$495.00 each

From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.1 printed 1897

Punch Grassot
From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.5 printed 1896.

L'Arc de Ceil
From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.21 printed 1896
Just Sold

From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.29 printed 1896


From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.33 printed 1896


From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.41 printed 1896

La Comedie

From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.205 printed 1900
$650.00 Rare
Not usually sold seperately (set of 4)

Palais de Glace

From "Les Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.237 printed 1900

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French 1864-1901) Toulouse-Lautrec proved himself a true genius of the poster.
View Greg's Lautrec Collection

Greg's featured Lautrec
"Universally considered his most brilliant and successful design"(Wagner, p.22)

Jane Avril
From "Maitre de L'Affiche" PL.110 printed 1898
.00 Rare

Seemingly without trying, Toulouse-Lautrec not only creates a great poster but makes a personal statement.
Only a person who really cares about his subject as a human being
would portray her with such startling candour "(Wine Spectator, 41)

Divan Japonais
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.2 printed 1896

Aristide Bruant
From "Das Moderne Plakat"
PM.04 printed 1897

La Chaine Simpson
From "Maitre de l'Affiche"
PL.238 printed 1900

La Revue Blanche
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.82 printed 1897

T.A. Steinlen (Swiss 1859-1923) Several of Steinlen's posters have become the most famous poster images ever created.
View Greg's Steinlen Collection

Greg's featured Steinlen
Steinlen's brilliant masterpiece.

Chat Noir
from "Das Moderne Plakat"PM.09
$3000.00 Rare

"That darn cat is at it again in the promotional service of the Chat Noir cabaret. 
The design was no doubt meant as a satirical comment on Mucha's posters, 
with Steinlen's well-travelled cat's long tail replacing the long tresses in Mucha's images 
and the halo here having the inscription "Mont-Joye-Montmartre." (Rennert, PAI-XLI 534)

Lait pur Sterilise
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.95 printed 1897

Chocolats Francaise
From " Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.170 printed 1899
$2700.00 Rare

Motocycles Comiot
From " Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.190 printed 1899

Mothu et Doria
From " Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.46 printed 1896

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