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"Das Moderne Plakat" printed in 1897
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Das Moderne Plakat
(The Modern Poster)
Printed in Dresden by Verlag von Gerhard Kuhtmann in 1897.
52 lithograph plates including Lautrec, Steinlen, Beggarstaff, Mucha, and others.

A truly wonderful printing of poster design, with many not found in any other other format today.
By the end of the 19th century, during an era known as the Belle Époque, the standing of the poster
as a serious artform was raised even further, with the publication of the ‘Maîtres de l’Affiche’
(Masters of the Poster) series and Das Moderne Plakat (The Modern Poster)
both of which not only enjoyed commercial success among art collectors,
but are now seen as important historical publications,
as many of the posters cannot be found today in any other format.

Jules Cheret
(French, 1836-1932)

Mysteres de Paris
PM.01 $225.00

Jules Cheret
(French, 1836-1932)

Loie Fuller
PM.02 Sold To Request

Henri Guerard
(French, 1846-1897)

PM.03 $250.00

(French, 1864-1901)
Aristide Bruant
PM.04 $2895.00

(French, 1864-1901)
La Revue Blanche
PM.05 $750

Caran D'Ache
(French 1859-1909)

Exposition Russe
PM.06 $100.00

T.A. Steinlen
(French/Swiss, 1859-1923)

Mothu et Doria
PM.07 $195.00

T.A. Steinlen
(French/Swiss, 1859-1923)

Lait pur Sterilise
PM.08 $850


T.A. Steinlen
(French/Swiss, 1859-1923)
Chat Noir

Sold To Request

Lucien Metivet
(French, 1863-1930)

Eugenie Buffet
Sold To Request

Eugene Grasset
(French 1841-1917)

PM.11 $175.00

Eugene Grasset
(French, 1841-1917)

Salon des Cent
PM.12 $350.00

(French, 1860-1928)

Maderes Blandy
PM.13 $175.00

Alphonse Mucha
(Czech, 1860-1939)

Salon des Cent
Sold To Request

Paul Crespin
(Belgian, 1859-1944)

Paul Hanker

PM.15 $250.00

(Belgian, 1862-1926)

Libre Esthetique
PM.16 $225.00

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