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"L'Estampe Moderne" printed 1897-1898 Original Art Nouveau Masterpieces
Sorted by year, as issued. Scroll down, click on each image for detailed description.

L'Estampe Moderne was a brilliant portfolio printed between 1897-98,
published by Imprimerie Champenois, Paris, contained 24 monthly portfolios (Mucha cover above),
with 4 Original Lithographs issued loose in each, commissioned only for this series.
"The colours are exquisite and the images are truly unique.
A very special addition to my inventory of gorgeous Art nouveau"

Nearly all are signed in the stone, all with blindstamp lower right in margin (image above).
Overall sheet sizes are approximately 12 in x 15 3/4 in. 31 cm x 40 cm
The actual image sizes vary within a white margin, or backing sheet.

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Louis-Auguste Girardot
French (1856-1933)
Femme du Riff
(Berber woman)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.01 printed May 1897
Sold To Request

Louis Maltese
French (1870-1920)
Marchand de Lacets
(Seller of Laces)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.02 printed May 1897

Emile-Jean Rene Menard
French (1862-1930)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.03 printed May 1897

Maurice Réalier-Dumas
French (1860-1928)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.04 printed May 1897

Emile Berchmans
Belgian (1867-1947)
Renouveau (Revival)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.05 printed June 1897

Armand Berton
French (1854-1927)
Rieuse (Cheerful)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.06 printed June 1897

Georges de Feure
Belgian/French (1868-1943)
Retour (Return)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.07 printed June 1897

Alphonse Mucha
Czech (1860-1939)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.08 printed June 1897
Sold To Request

Paul Balluriau
French (1860-1917)
Crépuscule (Twilight)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.09 printed July 1897
Sold To Request

Gaston de Latenay
French (1859-1943)
Le Parc (The Park)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.10 printed July 1897
Sold To Request

Marcel Lenoir
French (1872-1931)
Invocation a la
Madone d'onxy vert

(Invocation to the
Madonna of green onyx)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.11 printed July 1897
Sold To Request

Louis John Rhead
American (1857-1926)
La Femme au Paon
(Woman with a peacock)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.12 printed July 1897
Sold To Request

Alphonse Mucha
Czech (1860-1939)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.12A printed August 1897
(special supplement)
Sold To Request

Gaston Darbour
French (1869-unknown)
Jeune Fille aux Coquelicots
(Young girl with Poppies)
From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.13 printed August 1897