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Alphonse Mucha

Czech (1860-1939)
The Father of Art Nouveau

Alphonse Mucha Video (3 min)
A brief look at Mucha's life
and work. Has rare actual footage of Alphonse Mucha.

"Alphonse Maria Mucha is most often remembered for the prominent role he played in shaping the aesthetics of French Art Nouveau at the turn of the century. As a struggling and relatively unknown artist of Czech origin living in Paris, Mucha achieved immediate fame when, in December 1894, he accepted a commission to create a poster for one of the greatest actresses of this time, Sarah Bernhardt.

Though the printer was apprehensive about submitting Mucha´s final design because of its new unconventional style, Bernhardt loved it and so did the public. ´Le style Mucha´, as Art Nouveau was known in its earliest days, was born. The success of that first poster Gismonda brought a 6 years contract between Bernhardt and Mucha and in the following years his work for her and others included costumes and stage decorations, designs for magazines and book covers, jewelry and furniture and numerous posters. Mucha returned to Czechoslovakia in 1910, where he dedicated the remainder of his life to the production of a an epic series of 20 paintings depicting the history of the Slav people, the Slav Epic"
(Mucha Museum Prague)

Mucha Poster Gallery
click on each image for details

Special Note: "Mucha is my currently my best seller and most are sold before I list them,
so if there is a certain image of interest please let me know." Greg

Just Arrived
The most famous Mucha of them all.
The "Job" has become the iconic symbol of Art Nouveau,
and the most beautiful and rare of all the "Maitre de L'Affiche".
In stunning condition. The gorgeous gold inks used in the model's hair is unequaled.

From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.202 printed 1900
$6400.00 Rare
Full size version sold in Auction August 2014 $21,350. Swann, NY.

L' Estampe Moderne
Original cover
RP.07A printed 1897-1899
Now $225

From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.27 printed 1896
Now $2350

Full size version sold
in Auction Nov 2012
$14,400. PAI, NY.

Salon des Cent
From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.94 printed 1897
Sold To Request

Full size version sold
in Auction May 2011
$18,000. PAI, NY.

From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.114 printed 1898
Sold To Request

Full size version sold
in Auction Nov 2012
$13,200. PAI, NY.

Dame aux Camelias
From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.144 printed 1898
Sold To Request

Full size version sold
in Auction Nov 2008
$27,600. PAI, NY.

La Samaritaine
From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.166 printed 1899
Sold To Request

Full size version sold
in Auction Nov 2012S
$21,600. PAI, NY.

Bieres de la Meuse
From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.182 printed 1899
Just Sold To Request

Full size version sold
in Auction Sept 2013
$40,800. PAI, NY.

From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.08 printed 1897
Sold To Request

Similar variation sold
in Auction Nov 2012
$4,800. PAI, NY.

From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.12A printed 1897
Sold To Request


Greg's Recommended Mucha read: Alphonse Mucha: The Spirit of Art Nouveau by Victor Arwas.
The definitive book on the life and works of Mucha.

Greg's Recommended Mucha website:
The Mucha Foundation
This website is a truly amazing resource for all things Mucha past and present.

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