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French (1864-1901)

"Lautrec's series Elles (consisting of 10 sheets with a frontispiece and cover) is one of the high points of 19th century art. It was a pictorial to what the artist experienced in the maisons closes (brothels) of Paris. 'They' are 'women to my liking', as he used to say cynically, and he often lived with them for weeks at a time during 1892 to 1895, constant witness of their daily lives, of suffering and intimacy…"
(Adriani, p.222)


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"Elles" - Poster Gallery
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"The naturalness and spontaneity of these women, to whom nakedness was habitual,
imbued them with a grace reminiscent of that of the nymphs and goddesses of antiquity,
which professional models clumsily and artificially seek in vain to emulate.
For Lautrec, beauty was inherent in life, in movement, in the absence of physical or moral restraint,
and he wished to indicate the unquestionable superiority of the prostitutes
in this respect over other women" (Dortu, p.142)

Full set of ten (original printing 1896) estimated at US $ 500,000-700,000,
Christies, N.Y. Lot 22, Oct. 2001 (edition of 100 only, very rare)

"In 1952 the renowned French printer printed this superb series "Elles" for collectors.
They are reduced lithographic versions of Lautrec's most famous portfolio.
They are truly the most beautiful printing I have been able to find in this size format." Greg.

Frontispiece for "Elles"
EL.1 printed Paris, 1952
$125.00 Now $95

"Clownesse Assine"

EL.2 printed Paris, 1952
$275.00 Now $175

"Le Dejeuner du matin"
EL.3 printed Paris, 1952
$125.00 Now $95

"Femme Couchee"
Woman waking
EL.4 printed Paris, 1952
$125.00 Now $95

"Le Tub"
EL.5 printed Paris, 1952
$225.00 Now $175

"La Toilette"
EL.6 printed Paris, 1952
$125.00 Now $95

"Femme se peignant"
Woman combing her hair
EL.7 printed Paris, 1952
$125.00 Now $95

"Devant la glace"
Woman looking into a mirror
EL.8 printed Paris, 1952
$175.00 Now $125

"Deux Femmes"
EL.9 printed Paris, 1952
$175.00 Now $125

"Femme en Corset"
...passing conquest
EL.10 printed Paris, 1952
Now $175

EL.11 printed Paris, 1952
$125.00 Now $95

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