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Jules Cheret

French (1836-1932)

"The Father of the Poster" He revolutionized the field of advertising by his contributions in design and printing techniques. He designed over 1000 posters. The true Poster Master.

Greg's recommended reading: Posters of Jules Cheret: 46 Full-Color Plates and an Illustrated Catalogue Raisonne by Lucy Broido The 2nd edition. Cheret's complete works.

Read the "History of Maitre de l'Affiche"


Jules Cheret "Maitre de L'Affiche" - Poster Gallery
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View all 70 of Cheret's "Maitre de l'Affiche"

"New Prices
on Cheret's most famous posters." Greg


PL.161 printed 1899


PL.165 printed 1899

Aux Buttes-Chaumont

PL.169 printed 1899
$395.00 each, Now $295
Set of 3 along with
and PL.185

As seen on "Friends"


PL.173 printed 1899


PL.177 printed 1899
Sold To Request

Le Pays des Fees

PL.181 printed 1899

Aux Buttes-Chaumont
PL.185 printed 1899
$395.00 each, Now $295
Set of 3 along with
PL.141 and PL.169

As seen on "Friends"

Magasins du Louvre

PL.189 printed 1899
Jules Cheret's most famous "Four Arts"
"…there is nothing to say about these designs other than they are perfect. These four decorative panels are
triumphs of colour and printing. Being freed in them from having to sell a product, Cheret let his imagination soar
and these light-footed nymphs are the first clear examples of what was to adorn the walls of Paris
for the next decade; the unabashedly hedonistic, carefree spirits that became known as 'Cherettes'."

La Danse

PL.193 printed 1900
1 of 4 sold as a set
Sold To Request

La Musique

PL.197 printed 1900
2 of 4 sold as a set
Sold To Request

La Pantomime

PL.201 printed 1900
3 of 4 sold as a set
Sold To Request

La Comedie

PL.205 printed 1900
4 of 4 sold as a set
Sold To Request

Le Rappel

PL.209 printed 1900


PL.213 printed 1900

Taverne Olympia

PL.217 printed 1900
Sold To Request


PL.221 printed 1900
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